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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Channel News Asia - One on One

One-on-One with Philippine Senator Richard Gordon
(Channel 57 on Sky Cable and Home Cable Wednesday 31 August 9:30pm)

When American Forces left Subic Bay, and nature dumped lava and ash on the area with the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, hope was in short supply for most, except for the Mayor of Olongapo.

Now a Philippine Senator Richard Gordon shares his strategy for the transformation in Olongapo. Learn how the man who’s been called, “the man who never sleeps” led white-collared volunteers and a community dependent on jobs and business opportunities from the American bases, to raise literally from the ashes, a new city where top multinationals investors now park their money and companies.

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman who went on to serve in the Philippine Cabinet and now Senate, also shares with host Melvin Yong, just what the Philippines needs to tackle challenges such as the lack of investment and economic growth, the disenchantment of the Filipino middle class and the failure at transparency and good governance.

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