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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On Banning "The Da Vinci Code" Movie in RP

Sen. Richard Gordon warned that if the movie is banned, “the more people will try to see it and it will just land in the piracy market.

For me, it’s simply entertainment and it’s not something that’s going to shatter my faith.”

Senators downplay ‘Da Vinci’ impact
By Patricia Esteves, Reporter


Blogger VICKY said...

At least the members of the senate are matured enough to think that the da vinci code is just a story. The Catholics in the Phils will seem weak in their faith if a fictitious story ike this will be enough to shatter their faith. Lets hope for the best...my son will love to watch the movie as he loved the story...i am a catholic but i encourage freedom of choice..

2:44 AM

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