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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bicam approves Biofuels Act

The two houses of Congress have approved and consolidated their disagreeing versions of the Biofuels Act of 2006 after a marathon deliberation Wednesday night that ended in the early morning of Thursday.

With the bicameral approval of the measure, Sen. Richard J. Gordon, co-author and co-sponsor of this legislative measure, was delighted at the latest development.

"The speedy passage of this measure will promote the use of alternative renewable energy sources, particularly biofuels, which would benefit the country tremendously in terms of reducing our dependence on imported oil, protecting the public health and the environment, and creating jobs and livelihood opportunities in this new industry," he said.

The proposed Biofuels Act of 2006 will mandate the use of biofuels by blending five percent bioethanol with gasoline within two years from the effectivity of the Act and one percent biodiesel with diesel within three months from the effectivity of the Act.

With this mandate, Gordon anticipates the influx of investors in the biofuels industry that would spur agro-industrial development and increase rural employment and income.

He also expressed optimism that the local coconut and sugar cane industries will benefit from the imminent passage of the Biofuels Act, as the biofuel components will be sourced from local farmers.

Gordon added that other industries, like the alternative fuel vehicle industry, are also eagerly anticipating the passage of the proposed Biofuels Act of 2006.

He cited that Ford has even taken the bold step of establishing the Philippines as its ASEAN Center of Excellence for Flex Fuel Technology through the manufacture of the first flex fuel vehicle and an additional investment of a P1.1 billion to build the first flex fuel engine manufacturing facility in ASEAN.

Gordon also said that aside from having a clean alternative energy, the use of biofuels would also have a positive impact on the price of gasoline and diesel for consumers. (PNA)