"What this Country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men" March 1980

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Senator Richard J. Gordon today said that the Philippines should take affirmative and effective steps to address the problem on widespread corruption. Political Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) yesterday released a survey naming the Philippines as the most corrupt economy among 13 countries and territories in Asia as perceived by foreign businessmen.

Senator Gordon noted that the problem of corruption has hounded us for years. “We are surrounded by landmarks of corruptions. From the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, the NAIA 3, PCGG unresolved cases, perceived cheating during elections and so many others. We are in a condition where the rule of law does not exist,” said Senator Gordon.

“There is no closure on everything. This shows that we don’t fix the problem, we fix the blame. That is a culture we have to grow out of as a nation. This can only happen if we accept responsibility for our problems and promptly provide solutions,” Senator Gordon said.

Senator Gordon explained that the resolution of the issues is not solely the government’s problem. “We are psychologically-bludgeoned. The problem of graft and corruption in government is not uniquely our own. But what makes our case seem worse is the apparent inability of the Filipinos to effectively address the concern and to face the problem head on. If we are perceived as the ‘most corrupt in Asia,’ it is because of the lack of sufficient efforts to actively eradicate corruption in our country. Somebody has got to be a conductor of change,” Senator Gordon explained.

Senator Gordon said that although corruption hails from the top, the people must be part of the process of change. “Addressing the problem on corruption will benefit our people. Giginhawa ang buhay ng mga Pilipino. This will restore confidence in our country and the investors will start coming in. This means more job opportunities and a better life for Filipinos and their families,” Senator Gordon said.