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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DBM chief grilled over Rice Crisis

When asked by Senator Richard Gordon on how much the government would need to avert the rice crisis, Andaya, during his confirmation at the CA, said the budget department was allotting an additional P12 billion for seed distribution, farmer support, irrigation and rice importation.

"For total package this year, including importation of rice, I cannot give [a] specific amount, including support services for farmers, would be an additional P12 billion,” he said.

He added that the budget was included in the P50-million package for agriculture until 2010.

Gordon, however, said that Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap estimated that the government would need about P20 billion for the importation alone.

Andaya clarified that the additional incentive was “over and above” the 2008 budget of the Department of Agriculture, which had been allotted for addressing the rice crisis caused by soaring prices and stagnant production.

DBM chief Andaya gets appointments committee nod
Gov’t allots P12B to deal with rice crisis, he say
First Posted 13:25:00 05/13/2008


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