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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Supreme Court's decision declaring as unconstitutional the GRP-MILF Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain

"I am glad that the Supreme Court has finally ruled on the constitutionality of the controversial agreement that has polarized us as a nation and as a people. I do hope that with the High Court's decision, all stakeholders of the peace negotiations between the government and Muslim rebel group would respect the rule of law and avoid sending mixed signals that would cast serious doubts about each one's sincerity to pursue the long-hoped-for peace in Mindanao.

"I also specifically urge the MILF leadership to exert moral suasion among its ranks in order to avert any potential escalation of violence. As it is now on the ground, it is the more than half a million innocent civilians who continue to suffer heavily from the heightened clashes between the military and Muslim rebels.

"Let us not further compound the humanitarian challenge confronting us in Mindanao. Rather, we need to go back to the negotiating table. The soonest we talk peace, the better it is for the national interest. We have every need and every responsibility to forge a common ground that would lead to a final peace settlement and would usher in new developments in Mindanao. Genuine development thrives when lasting peace reigns. We cannot therefore allow the present armed conflict to continue indefinitely, much less to escalate into a full-blown crisis.


Blogger limjunus said...

I just finshed reading the post of our beloved Senator. The Platform/programs/proposals of Sen. Gordon for the betterness of the pilipino people are quiet good and excellent. I do believe that he forgot to add the " COMPLETE REMEDY OF SQUATERS DELIMA" I have strong feeling that we could be prosperous/low percent in crime rate by removing the the squaters in our land/s completely.

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