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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Intramuros History Town attracts 75,000 tourists

More than 75,000 foreign and local tourists had already trooped to Intramuros to visit the History Town Philippines which re-opened a month ago.

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon, chairman of the Senate committee on tourism, said the Intramuros Administration (IA) reported that at least 75,000 visitors have already visited History Town in the walled city since it re-opened last December 5, 2008.

"The world-famous Wow Philippines is back again in Intramuros and it has already attracted many tourists both foreign and local," he said.

Gordon said Intramuros re-opened last month with a theme PASKONG PILIPINO, which showcased the best Christmas traditions and practices in the select regions of the Philippines.

Visitors were treated to concerts, festivals, weekend electric parade, fireworks, exhibits, handicrafts, craft and food demonstrations, folk games, historical tours, native cuisine and rock jams.

Gordon, a former tourism secretary, stressed that along with the influx of tourists in Intramuros is the creation of jobs for many Filipinos.

He explained that the History Town Philippines program gives jobs to about 40 to 45 exhibitors every month and more than 200 cultural performers every weekend, aside from the tour guides, vendors and coachmen, among others, that are given opportunity for livelihood or extra income.

Gordon said the exhibits and fairs featured in Intramuros also allow people to go back in time and relive the important details of the nation's history.

"It has always been our goal for Intramuros to not only provide jobs through tourism, but also to bring people closer to our history so that we may all be aware of our roots," he said.

"It is good to see that this early, Intramuros has already attracted many tourists and it has also provided jobs for many of our fellow Filipinos," he added.

Starting Jan. 13, the Best of the Regions will be re-launched at the Clamshell, where the first to showcase its rich culture and history are Region XII and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

The Best of the Regions program features the culture, arts and crafts, history, heritage, music, songs, dances, cuisine, attractions, destinations, festivals and the people of different regions in the country every month.


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