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Sunday, January 25, 2009

RP on Guinness Record for most murders

While there is nothing wrong with setting world records, the country should focus on more important things, such as erasing the record of having the most number of murders in the whole world,Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon said today.

Gordon learned that among the records set by the Philippines in the 2009 "Guinness Book of World Records," the most noteworthy of all is the item stating that the country has the most number of recorded murders in the world.

"Our country has a penchant for setting world records on almost anything under the sun, but this record of having the most murder cases recorded tells something really serious in our country's public and order situation," he said.

In the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records, the Philippines, with 3,515 homicides in 2004, is the country with the highest number of murders for the latest year available in the records of the United Nations.

The country has set several records on various things with the recent ones as largest sticker wrap in the world, longest pastillas, most number of people tooth brushing, longest beer bar, and longest barbecue, longest longganiza, among others.

Gordon said that while most of the records the country sets symbolize the unity, cooperation, creativity and diligence among the citizens, the negative record could only stain these achievements because of the gravity of the issue involved.

The senator said the matter should not be taken lightly because the country and its people's reputation are at stake.

"We have heard of studies branding our nation as one of the most corrupt countries, or one of the most dangerous places for journalists, and now we have this record on being number one on murders," Gordon said.

"We should shudder at this world record because it shows that the best legacy our generation will leave behind is our reputation for succeeding at killing people than making our country safe," he added.

Gordon, whose own father was assassinated in the line of public service, has been very vocal in condemning murders perpetrated against individuals especially those killed in the line of duty such as journalists, judges and public officials.


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