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Sunday, April 05, 2009

On being a meddler in the ICRC hostage crisis

"The words used by Secretary (Gilberto) Teodoro to describe our efforts to help save the lives of the hostages in Sulu are careless and unfortunate.

The lives on the line belong to the Red Cross. I have a personal and institutional responsibility to do everything I can to secure the safe return of the hostages. If I have expressed concern about government and military policy or action in Sulu, it is because of the danger they, both the military and the Abu Sayyaf, pose to the lives of the hostages. The hostage-takers talk to us, not to Mr. Teodoro or the commanders there.

I will not cut off communication with them just to avoid being described as a meddler. At this point, talk is a lifeline in this extremely dangerous situation. This is not a location shoot for a movie. There is no Take 2 if things do not turn out right.

If the hostages are harmed, the door to life will be closed. The Red Cross and humanity will lose. But the loss could be even greater for our nation. Mark my word.


Blogger Crimson said...

Are you a senator or what ??/ Be a Senator first then PNRC Chairman second... geezeee.. talaga bang desperado kang maging presidente ??

5:59 AM

Blogger Crimson said...

Btw, who asked you to be involved ??? If parad calls you, redirect him to the crisis team who obviously knows more on the ground than you do...

6:00 AM

Blogger brassballs said...

Three Marines dead and many wounded, three brave soldiers not going back home alot wounded soldiers going home traumatized for life and I don't see Gordon crying for them were are the tears?

I understand the ICRC's mission I understand their neutrality, and I really do appreciate their countless works and missions that helped a lot of people, people that lost all hopes of getting anything from government and I really laud their effort.

But this does not mean that once their personnel ended up victims or being held as hostages ICRC or PNRC VIP's (Gordon) can dictate the AFP's effort and the local crisis team in trying to pursue and negotiate with the terrorists. Gordon's media grand standing made me sick to my stomach and later made me fuming mad I now realize how low a politicians can go. Gordon's verbal tussles with other personalities and blame game just made the Abu sayyaf leadership more confident that they can get away with basically everything.

Sen.Gordon you are not fighting for the hostages safe release, you are prolonging their ordeal and thus prolonging the terrorists torment not only to the poor hostages but the civilian population as well. Your intention might be good but your actions betrayed your intentions. You are causing more harm than good when you cause undue pressure to the local crisis committee and the AFP, You think you are helping? No you are not, we people who are looking from the outside in and watches the event unfold view your useless grandstanding as part of a lousy circus act.

Why don't you go to Sulu and mediate yourself since you had been trying to forced upon our throats how you had "saved" the hostages from being beheaded and how you worked hard for their release, you are at the safe confines in your office sorrounded by your creatures of comfort.

Parad has you on a string so tight that when he sneezes in Sulu he can yank you by the neck and you start singing like a parrot, It is a damn shame he played you like that you became his "mouthpiece" so to speak you might not want to but you already are.

In the mean time the soldiers family mourn their dead, shed their tears and celebrate their life. I would like for you to shed tears on this poor soldiers too, these underpaid, ill equipped and over worked bastards. Who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice at a short notice. I would hope you will shed real tears for this poor fellow this time..


9:40 PM

Blogger Mikez said...

"The lives on the line belong to the Red Cross." But the lives trying to save your ignorant Red Cross lives are not yours to ponder? Your a Senator, and you can just easily disregard the lives of the Marines that have fallen?

For years politicians like you have not been the solution makers for the country's woes, but instead are the problem makers!!

If this is really your blog Mr. Dick, kindly shut up and direct all communications with Parad to the crisis committee. Your just making things worst..for the long term.

9:20 PM

Blogger gordian knot said...


11:47 PM

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