"What this Country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men" March 1980

Friday, March 05, 2010

RP will have cleanest, most honest and effective gov't in Asia

Cebu City--Bagumbayan Party presidential bet Senator Richard Gordon today said that when he becomes president, his aim is for the Philippines to have the cleanest, most honest and most effective government in Asia.

Gordon, who was in Cebu for a two-day sortie with his running mate Bayani Fernando, said that a leader must, first, have an aim, which he would share with the people and which he would make happen with the people.

"Today there is no governance in our country. In fact, the government has become the refuge of the scoundrel. This has got to stop, we have to change the system, and that is why I want to be President of this country," he said.

"Leadership by example--that's how we're going to make the people part of the process of change. We have to work with the people and fight corruption with the people. A leader must motivate the people. Bayani and I will do that and we will make sure that we will have the cleanest, most honest and most effective government in the whole of Asia," Gordon stressed.

The Bagumbayan Party standard bearer explained that in order to achieve such kind of government, corruption must be eradicated.

Gordon explained that there are several ways to stop corruption, such as, electing rather than appointing the Ombudsman so that he is beholden only to the people; having 24 hours open government offices so that corruption and other illegal practices can be reported right away; impose tougher penalties and stricter enforcement of law; and ensure that there would be no pardon for anyone convicted of corruption.

"Ineffective governance causes abject poverty and hopelessness. When there is no effective governance, there are only dreams. Under a Gordon-Bayani administration, there will be good and effective governance. That is not an empty promise," Gordon said.


Blogger Joon said...

I hope you could improve our governments public service performance. At present, we experience poor public relations especially from SSS, our inquiries are ignored o kaya po sinusungitan kami, when it comes to claims, the processing time is so long that it takes several months before you could receive your check. My experience is we have to file the claim at the branch that we're registered, d ba dapat po we could file it at any branch 'coz they are ONLINE. When it comes to payment we are penalized for the delay naman, sana the services is prompt. Thank you.

9:09 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All public services, i.e., BIR, Customs, Airport, Seaport, Tourism, LTO, Foreign Affairs, Courts, etc. should be included in the transformation. Bawal ang tamad, walang palakasan, no quick fixes, more professional, include meritocracy, promote the right and competent people, annual performance evaluation, complaint desks, etc. Dito magbabago ang Pilipinas under your leadership by example and strong/charismatic approach.

1:12 PM

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