"What this Country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men" March 1980

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


“Failure is not an option,” said Bagumbayan presidential candidate Richard Gordon, on mounting questions on the credibility of the PCOS machines to be used in the May 2010 elections.

"Focus and get to work. If it is necessary to move the election date by a week to ensure reliability of the machines, then do it. Work on the solution."

"These are tough decisions but they have to be made. Any CEO knows that problems arise at the last minute but panic is pointless because it does not solve the problem."

“I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but that seems to be the case.  I pushed for partial automation as proof of concept from the time we started committee hearings in 2005 until 2007, and if we had done so in May 2007 in 2 provinces and 2 cities as required by the law, or even during the barangay elections in October 2007, we would have caught these glitches sooner.  But in the Senate I was practically alone in my advocacy.”

The Senate and the House of Representatives ratified the automation law in December 2006, and the law was passed in January 2007.  No pilot test of automation was done until the ARMM elections in August 2008.

 “All that is in the past. Now we need to fix the problem, not fix the blame. I’m calling on the Comelec, the automation Advisory Council, and Smartmatic to step up to the plate.  Stay the course, solve the problem. Failure is not an option."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Gordon:
Sir! You have a passion of a true leader. You have a practical intelligence rendered ever more confident and courageous due to years of experience in leading with integrity and leading with accomplishments; you possess a clarity of vision suited for the filipinos of this time; you have a sincere heart that allows you to see the core of issues and practical approaches to address them; and, like a man who's never cheated, you shine with a charisma that draws people to a common cause that's good for all!
But, precisely because of all of the above, I fear that you might not win. You might not - because you are a man of substance and wisdom. And, many have not been brought up to appreciate values in 'proper order'.
(Although, I don't really know what's the current election atmosphere since I'm not there in the Philippines right now. But, rest assured, I've done what I think I could: I told everyone about you and Bayani.)
I just hope that all those who have seen you work, all those who have known about your works, and all those who have benefitted from your good works, directly or indirectly, are 'awake enough' to do their best to send you to that most crucial and critical seat in our country: the presidency. We desperately need a leader who can lead, serve and understand what this is all about and why...

jesse dv,
texas, usa

9:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, despite this loss, I sincerely hope that you continue the work that you had started since the day you took a seat in public office. Men of your resolve are the ones needed to lift the credibility and efficiency of public service. May you still be able to be an example of integrity and wisdom.

Godspeed on your future endeavors!

9:49 AM

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