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Friday, September 02, 2005

Gordon orders Philippine National Red Cross aid to Hurricane Katrina victims

The Philippine National Red Cross is sending a US$25,000 donation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina which slammed into America’s Gulf Coast several days ago causing overwhelming losses in lives and property.

“It is the mission of the Red Cross to alleviate human suffering and we are answering the call to help our brethren who have been devastatingly affected by the disaster,” said Senator Richard Gordon who is the chairman of the PNRC. Gordon on Friday ordered the release of the donation to the American Red Cross. He also offered to send medical and post trauma critical stress debriefing teams if requested or required by the American Red Cross.

He continued, “we commiserate with the victims, their families, and with all the American people as they deal with the grave effects of the hurricane and as they endeavor to rebuild the communities that have been affected.”

Gordon said that in the past, the American Red Cross has sent disaster aid and relief missions to the Philippines to support local efforts during earthquakes, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions and other calamities.

Of the PNRC effort for Hurricane Katrina, he said that “we are now rising to the call to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and hope that the power of humanity will overcome the destruction caused by the calamity.”

This is the second time the PNRC has become a donor nation, the first being during the tsunami that hit South and Southeast Asia in December of last year.

In addition to the initial donation, the PNRC is launching a fund drive for Hurricane Katrina victims. Donations may be sent to the Office of the Chairman of the PNRC.