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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Villar Should Adopt Policy of Calling For A Vote

Senator Richard J. Gordon yesterday urged Senate President Manny Villar to espouse a policy of calling for a vote on vital issues and bills, instead of waiting for consensus which often results in legislative gridlock.

Gordon expressed concern on the practice of seeking “consensus” in the Senate as it sometimes proves to be an impediment in the ratification of essential measures such as the Automated Election Bill which amends an existing law (Republic Act No. 8436) on automated elections which aims to prevent massive, wholesale election cheating.

“We should stop this consensus thing in the Senate. We should divide the House. Nandito tayo para bomoto at hindi porke ayaw ng isa sa mga minority ay aantayin natin siya hanggang makumbinse,” Gordon said

Gordon aired confidence that Villar will be able to bridge the gap between the Legislature and the Executive in order to allow the two to realize their shared aspirations as he congratulated Villar for his unanimous election as Senate President

The senator also expressed his appreciation to Senator Drilon for honoring the Gentleman’s Agreement forged at the start of the 13th Congress in July 2004, thereby allowing for a smooth and orderly transition of leadership in the Senate.

Gordon congratulated Senator Drilon for a job well done. He commended Drilon’s able leadership, under which the chamber enacted several landmark legislation that resulted in fiscal stability and stabilizing the Philippine economy.

“Senator Drilon’s strong resolve was vital in helping the Senate maintain its independence despite determined efforts to undermine its authority. Under his leadership, the Senate as an institution filed a case challenging the validity of Executive Order (EO) 464 and emerged victorious.” said Gordon.