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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maximization of SCTEX infrastructure

"The new expressway connecting Subic and Clark and all the way up to Tarlac (SCTEX) is very positive news for the country, said Senator Richard J. Gordon, founding Chairman and Administrator of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

Gordon explained that the SCTEX completes what he calls the 3-2-1 development plan for the regions of Central and North Luzon.

"We are now providing potential locators the option of using the three airports of Manila, Subic and Clark plus the two seaports of Manila and Subic and the new expressway connecting all three major economic centers. This is but the first phase of a national development plan that we have been advocating since 1980," said Gordon.

Gordon stressed, however, that building the physical infrastructure alone is not enough to spur economic growth. The local government units in the area should already segregate or allocate lands along the new highway for the creation of economic zones and industrial parks. Coupled with special incentives, plus an aggressive marketing effort and effective public relations strategy, this formula will attract the expected foreign and domestic investments and businesses.

In addition, Gordon called on the local government units concerned to act fast and work immediately on laying down support structures such as power, water and other utilities as well as determing definitive prices per square meter of land and the other costs of doing business.

"The 3-2-1 development plan, once harnessed to its full potential, will spread economic growth to Pangasinan in the near term but also bring higher levels of development to Laoag in Ilocos He also pointed out that this will not only provide much needed jobs and business opportunities for people in the area, it will also help in decongesting Metro Manila and thereby magnify the impact of these infrastructure projects.

Speaking from experience, he shared that this was the strategy he implemented when he took over Subic.

"Subic was a wasteland under hundreds of tons of ash after Mount Pinatubo erupted. There were practically no jobs left after the bases closed. We ignored the defeatist mentality of the time, we overcame with the help of a forward looking plan for promotions and development, and with the support of thousands of hard working volunteers we made Subic into a major magnet for tourism and investment in Asia," said Gordon.


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