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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Subic execs lauded for big shabu bust

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, Philippines -- Senator Richard Gordon has commended operatives of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG) for the major drug bust that foiled an attempt to smuggle P4.62 billion worth of shabu into Subic.

In a congratulatory message relayed through SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza on Monday, Gordon extolled SBMA law enforcers who first intercepted the drug shipment, saying they personified the “true spirit of Subic, which has been forged through vigilance and volunteerism.”

“Without the diligence of these brave men, the menace of illegal drugs would have spread further and eroded the society more,” Gordon said.

Gordon had earlier commended operatives of PASG and the SBMA in a privilege speech on May 28, specially citing the SBMA Law Enforcement Department (LED) for being instrumental in foiling the smuggling of drugs in Subic, despite bribe attempts by the suspect.

“We can see how profitable this operation is,” he said. ‘‘If somebody can offer P50 million, it is so difficult for somebody who is out there to refuse such an offer.”

“The seizure of this massive amount of illegal drugs at (Subic) should deter other would-be smugglers from using our ports and sea routes to ply their evil trade,” Gordon added.

Arreza, meanwhile, said that the SBMA board of directors had also approved step promotions and commendations for members of the SBMA LED, who first intercepted the eight boxes offloaded by primary suspect Anthony Ang from the Taiwanese vessel F/B Shun Fa Xing.

In a press statement, he said that SBMA officials recognized the critical role of Subic law enforcers in intercepting Ang on Sunday night at Subic’s SRF compound.

“This interception eventually led to the discovery by joint PASG and SBMA operatives of a total of 714.6 kilos of shabu, some of which were stashed in a warehouse and others loaded onto another vehicle,” Arreza said.

Arreza also said the alertness of SBMA law enforcers was equaled by the swift response of PASG, which led a joint raid of a warehouse rented by Ang, who was a registered Subic locator.

Subic execs lauded for big shabu bust
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:40:00 06/03/2008


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