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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Against postponement of ARMM elections

"I am totally against the postponement of ARMM elections. Congress has already set a date for the ARMM elections and only congress can reset the date of the ARMM elections," Gordon said.

He also argued that as a constitutional and independent body, the Commission on Elections cannot be dictated upon.

"The Comelec is already ready. We should go through with it as scheduled as it is not only important to ARMM but also to the entire country. The automated elections in ARMM will pave the way for clean, honest and orderly elections in 2010 and beyond," said Gordon, an advocate for automated polls.

"Matatapos na ang mga 'cash-unduan' at ayusan. Mapapatibay at gaganda ang image ng Comelec, bilang tagapag-ingat ng ating right to suffrage [There will be an end to vote-buying. The image of Comelec as the gatekeeper of our right to suffrage will improve and strengthen]," he said.

Senators mixed over postponement of ARMM polls
AFP leaving matter to ‘wisdom’ of Congress
By Veronica Uy
First Posted 15:58:00 07/22/2008