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Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, Automated Elections Law implemented

At last, the fruit of the Automated Elections Law authored by Senator Richard Gordon will be seen by the whole country as the ARMM held its elections on Monday using the automated elections system.

Gordon, who had seen the system work during the mock elections last month, said the ARMM automated polls will be the dawn of a new era in modern democracy, doing away with manual elections that are tainted with various images of cheating and deception.

He said the people will no longer have to wait for weeks or months for the results to come out. In a few hours, all votes will be counted and no form of cheating could pass through.

Gordon explained that this exercise is crucial for the 2010 presidential elections, since the law that he crafted calls for the pilot testing of the system in six cities and six provinces prior to its implementation in a national election.

He added that with the implementation of an automated election system the country will no longer hear "Hello, Garci" and "I am sorry" dialogues. With no election-related controversies hounding incumbent officials, the country will move forward faster because the people have confidence in the elected officials.

"We have worked hard for the Automated Elections Law. We had hoped it would be tested last 2007 elections, but it didn't happen. Now, we're just a few hours away from witnessing a new system of elections. This is not just a historical event for our country, but a crucial one. Isinulong ko ang batas na ito para sa susunod na eleksyon sa 2010, patas na ang laban. Wala na ang dayaan at dahas. Wala na ang mga dagdag-bawas at cash-unduan. Elected officials can now hold their head up high because they know they are the true leaders chosen by the people. The populace will have confidence in their leaders because they were voted through a credible system of elections," Gordon said.


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