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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Implementing rules to address hunger signed

Primary authors of the Food Donation Act of 2009, Sen. Richard Gordon (third from the left) and Rep. Ed Zialcita (second from the left), proudly present the newly signed Memorandum of Agreement on the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the aforementioned resolution. Joining them in the said momentous event are Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwendolyn Pang (extreme left) and Department of Social Welfare and Development Acting Secretary Celia Capadocia-Yangco (extreme right).

Different government and social welfare agencies are now one step closer in enforcing the law on encouraging the donation of food for charitable purposes following the signing of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) governing the Food Donation Act of 2009 at the Philippine National Red Cross (PRC) National Headquarters Office in Port Area, Manila Monday.

Senator Richard Gordon, the author of the bill that had been passed last November 2009 and chairman of the PRC, explained that the singing of the IRR was vital in order to implement the provisions of the Act that seeks to address the increasing hunger in the Philippines.

“The law is extremely important because most people had measly income to feed their family. With the signing of the IRRs we will be able to truly implement the law and finally get our work done in giving services not only during times of calamity but also everytime the public needs social help,” he told the Manila Bulletin in a chance interview.

“Many claim and try to associate themselves with the poor but I didn't. I just walk the talk. I did what I have to do and this was the fruit of what I had done,” he added.

Aside from Gordon, also present in the IRR signing were Paranaque first district Rep. Eduardo Zialcita, co-author of the Act, PRC secretary general Gwendolyn Pang, Union of Local Authorities in the Philippines (ULAP) president and Mandaluyong Mayor Benjamin Abalos Jr., Social, Welfare and Development (DSWD) acting secretary Celia Capadocia-Yangco, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acting director Nazarita Tacandong and Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines president Humprey O'Leary.

Implementing rules to address hunger signed

May 17, 2010, 5:34pm


Blogger Axel said...

Congratulations, I hope we can use this opportunity to give better lives to our brothers and sisters..

9:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I hope that they consulted with foodbanking experts in other countries. Mexico has the second biggest foodbanking system in the world. South Africa has one of the fastest growing.

It is important that we learn from their success and create a open, transparent, decentralized system which involves the food industry from the very beginning.

A system that is run only by the government and the Red Cross will not be as successful as one that follows a more inclusive model, like South Africa's.

11:29 PM

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