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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maestranza wall restoration a step towards reviving the glory of Intramuros

WATCH Video of Maestranza Wall Inspection

The completion of the walls of Intramuros, with the restoration of the Maestranza Wall, should signal the start of developing the Walled City as a historic and cultural landmark, Senator Richard J. Gordon today said.

“In restoring the Maestranza wall, we reclaim not only our history and heritage but also chart a bold, new direction for our country’s future,” Gordon said.

“The Maestranza restoration project as well as efforts to revitalize Intramuros is not just about bringing our past back to life for students of history, it is also about giving livelihood to thousands who will benefit from increased tourist traffic,” he added.

The refurbished Maestranza Wall, which was inspected by June 16 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and Gordon, is part of the latter’s vision to make Intramuros the Philippine’s largest cultural and historical museum like the Smithsonian Institute.

During his term as tourism secretary, Gordon had secured a commitment of $5-million donation from the Japanese government, through former Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Kojiro Takano, to help in rebuilding the part of the wall of Intramuros that was destroyed in World War II.

Other projects envisioned for Intramuros include an Islamic-Ecclesiastical Center apart from different types of museums that will undertake the exhibition and safekeeping of various archeological and historical treasures.

“Intramuros tells us the story of thousands of Filipino heroes who fought against two global super powers and won our nation’s freedom. It also tells us that our freedom is something we continue to fight for as we do the work of lifting millions out of poverty, providing security to those under threat, and create economic opportunities,” Gordon said.

“The walls of Intramuros remind us that we must challenge ourselves to continuously fight to break free from the walls in our minds. With these significant points, we hope that the next administration would continue to support current efforts to restore Intramuros to its rightful place,” he stressed. (30)


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sana kunin si Sen Gordon as Tourism secretary. he's very great!

1:16 AM

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