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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

EO 464 Timing suspicious

Senator Richard Gordon today pronounced that the recent Executive Order issued by Malacañang setting rules concerning Cabinet secretaries and other government officials invited in congressional investigations is suspicious and gives the impression that the President is hiding something from the public.

Gordon noted that the release of Executive Order #464 came during the time when three investigations are simultaneously conducted in the Upper House.

“They issued the EO when we are presently conducting hearings on the controversial Venable contract, Garcillano wiretapping, and North Railway issues. What are we supposed to think of this timing?” asked Gordon.

In a tv interview, Gordon said that the public can not be blamed if they perceive the issuance of the EO as a means to prevent government officials from attending and giving information in congressional hearings.

“This might give the impression that the President is hiding something,” Gordon said adding, “is Malacañang trying to conceal information from us to protect anybody?”

Gordon added that the directive violates the constitution and the supposed check and balance between the various branches of the government, emphasizing the oversight functions of the legislative to prevent abuses in the executive. He said the EO is in effect overriding and amending the constitution which should not be the case.

When asked on actions to be taken on government officials invited to the congressional hearings who will not attend because of the EO, Gordon said, “if those summoned to attend the hearings next week will not appear and not follow the Constitution, they will be held in contempt and I am confident that the Supreme Court will uphold us,” said Gordon


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