"What this Country needs is not a change OF men but a change IN men" March 1980

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cory: "An icon of democracy and moral leadership; an advocate of peace and unity"

An icon of democracy, advocate of peace and unity, and a model of moral leadership was how Senator Richard J. Gordon (Ind.) described the late President Corazon C. Aquino.

In filing Senate Resolution 1247, Gordon honored former President Aquino, who passed away last August 1, as one of the greatest symbols of freedom and democracy.

"President Aquino is not just an ordinary president, she is a symbol of democracy. Much is always expected of a president but as far as I am concerned, in terms of moral ascendancy, she surpassed that," he said.

"Her moral ascendancy and personal rectitude has been recognized all over the world and the numerous awards and citations she has received have brought immense pride to our country," he added.

Gordon pointed out that the 1986 People Power Revolution has become an example of peaceful transition by means of mass action for the rest of the world and served as a model of nonviolent revolutions that ushered the emergence of democratic countries in Eastern Europe.

He also said that through Aquino's strong moral leadership and her faithfulness to the democratic process and the rule of law, her administration withstood the seemingly insurmountable challenges and several attempts by civilian and military forces to take power outside the law.

"Under President Aquino's leadership, separation of powers was re-established through the reorganization of Congress and the restoration of the Supreme Court," he added.

Gordon stressed that Aquino continuously showed her unswerving commitment to transparency and good governance even after her retirement from the political scene, as she supported EDSA II in 2001, a peaceful expression of the Filipino people's disgust over corruption and abuse.

"The very fact that she was able to protect the democracy of our country makes her somebody that should have had a state funeral. But I think the greatest honor is what we see on the streets right now, the long line of people, the great number of Filipinos who are going there and showing their respect to President Aquino," he said.


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